Q. Who are we?

Ans. The Cake Mart is a brand where we bake fresh cakes and deliver online.

Q. How do you accept payments?

Ans. All payments for customers are accepted through a payment gateway and Cash on Delivery (COD)

Q. I made a mistake while placing the order. How do I change it or cancel it?

Ans. Please call our Customer Service +91 9620733322 or email us:care@thecakemart.com and we will get it rectified for you. If you have an issue with Delivery timing etc please call Delivery Operations: +91 9620733322

Q. Do you serve fresh products everyday?

Ans. Yes, every order at The Cake Mart is made fresh. Once you place the order the chef starts baking your cake. That is why no one comes close to beating our quality, freshness and taste.

Q. Can I pick up my cake from the store?

Ans. Yes, you may. There are no shipping costs which will save you some money. Please mention that in the message field that you plan to pick up the Order.

Q. What do you do with unsold products?

Ans. We have no such things since we consider ourselves as a Just in Time bakery. What that means is we only bake what our customers order. We don’t have a physical store to stock and sell our products. So don’t bother comparing us to your bakery next door since their cakes may even 3 days old.

Q. What is the shelf life of Cakes and Pastries?

Ans. Fresh Cream Cakes and Pastries 2 days if refrigerated.Butter Cream Cakes and Pastries 2 to 3 days.

Q. Where is the manufacturing unit located in India?

Ans. Our manufacturing unit is located in Bengaluru.

Q. How does the Gift a Cake online concept work?

Ans. All you need to do is log on to www.thecakemart.com From there, you can browse our shop and different categories given in the main page. So you click your choice of product, purchase it for your loved ones, and The Cake Mart will gift your surprise to your loved ones. This is the theme of Gift a Cake online.

Q. Can I have a Personalized Message on the Cake?

Ans. Of course you can ! While filling the details in the product section, kindly specify your message and Click on the Save button. The Cake Mart will have the personalized message on the cake.

Q. What is the Lead Time to execute cake deliveries?

Ans. We require at least 3 hours to bake a fresh cake and deliver it to your loved ones with a personalized message.



I want to give a HUGE thank you to The Cake Mart team. Our group just celebrated our 1st anniversary and the cakes they did for us were just perfect. Could not have asked for anything more.


Thank you The Cake Mart for this beautiful cake!! Our guests had many compliments for this cake and it was so delicious too!!


I ordered Fresh fruits cake online and the cake was LOVELY! with fresh fruits topping I couldn’t have asked for a better cake. Thank you The Cake Mart for the timely delivery.I will definitely recommend Cake Mart for Online Cakes in Bangalore